Psychosomatic Therapy

Intuitive Touch   $70

An intuitive styled approach to massage using trigger point therapy and polarity, to bring alignment and balance to your nervous system while listening for subtle hints of information gained by the practitioner into emotional causes for physical manifestations.

Chakra Realignment  $100

This is an effective way of clearing blocked channels and understanding its root emotional causes. By the use of different stones and crystals, we align the temperament of the body and nervous system back to a state of equilibrium to be able to keep those channels open and clear. Any treatment pertaining to the psychosomatic system can and likely will bring about an intense emotional purging that mirrors the physical system.  In assisting the healing process, we encourage and welcome this as we see it as a positive indication that restoration and transformation is in fact taking place.

Egg Limpia (Energy Cleansing)  $100

Egg Limpia (Cleansing) –  An ancient form of shamanic healing practiced in Mesoamerica by curanderos (healers). In an Egg Cleansing or La Limpia, the medicine man runs an egg over their client’s body to release energies due to illness, stress, stagnation, stuck places and much more. Between the egg and the smoke (traditionally incense from the dried sap of the Copal tree) that is blown over and onto the client, the cleanse works with both the energetic and physical aspects of the person. This is one of the great advantages to the egg cleanse – its beneficial affects work to touch the aura and the structured aspects of the client, (the structured aspects being the physical, emotional and mental bodies). Practiced in the Middle East for centuries, egg cleansings were also used as a way to absorb the negative vibrations of envy and wrath of those who had cast these malefic intentions onto the ailing client.  One of the most significant parts of the egg cleanse takes place after the cleanse when the shaman reads the client’s egg, as a form of divination and insight into the ailments of the client

Neurogenic Tremor Release  $100

Neurogenic Tremor Trauma Release – Neurogenic tremors are found in all mammals. They are an inbuilt physiological response to release stress, tension, and trauma. Similar to how we have an inbuilt response to clench and tighten, protecting ourselves from injury and trauma, we also have a way to let go and release this tension. The Exercises stress a core group of muscles, and when the muscles begin to get fatigued, they start to tremble. After the series of mild muscle stressing exercises, people who are practicing lay on their backs and hold a position that causes more shaking until the tremors will naturally remain activated for a duration that is comfortable. When neurogenic tremors have been activated, the self intelligence of the whole organism starts a process of restoring balance and relaxation to the body.

The tremors are actually our muscles contracting and relaxing in order to produce different rhythms that manifest as a small vibration all the way to quivering and shaking, or even swaying or undulations of the body. These have the effect of relaxing the deep tension in our muscles, realigning our fascia and also creating better symmetry in our musculo-skeletal system. The contraction of the psoas can now be loosened up, and our posture “reassembled”.

The nature of our humanness is a paradox. Not only is the mind in the body but the body is in the mind. Memories are stored in our brain as much as our experiences are registered in our bodies. This is a good example of the the principles explained in the works of professor Karl Pribram and David Bohm, who’s findings reflect a holographic model of physics and physiology.

Countless demonstrations have shown that when constriction resolves itself in the body, emotions that are inextricably woven into that pattern of tension are brought to the surface for healing and integration.

Positive benefits many have noted after starting to practice TRE exercises:

Increased flexibility and athletic potential

More energy

Better body posture and symmetry

Improved quality of sleep and digestion

Healing of emotional and psychological wounds

Decreased tension and muscle stiffness