About Me

My name is Dorrina and simply, I have been drawn into this path of healing as my life’s work. A student, facilitator, channeler and supporter of healing, throughout the years I have by education and experience learned to utilize these gifts that were given. This is my contribution and service to others.

No one can heal you but your own alchemic nature. The same that exists in every man and woman. But often, because of wounding and trauma, we can consciously or unconsciously get in our own way. Channels become blocked, our life force and energy stagnate, the body aches, the mind fogs and our emotions, like a water well, either overflows or dries up.  The equilibrium and grace which are the pillars of our aspiration, vitality, connection and confidence collapse. And through social conditionings of shame and guilt, we have accustomed ourselves to believing this be okay. We suffer in silence.
We don’t need others to heal us, we can do it on our own. This is a fact and it will always be true. But have we misunderstood altogether the meaning of our independence?
There is a difference between interdependence and codependence.
Only you can heal yourself. But when the mind and body suffer, how and where to start?
That is where I come in. I facilitate a healing and grounded space to embark on that journey with you. As a reflection, I provide empathic vision, intuitive insight and proper body mechanics to address and focus bringing your mind, body and spirit back to its natural equilibrium. Thank you for visiting my page. I look forward to working with you.